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PGA National Getting Greener

It isn’t just homes that are going green, but resorts are moving toward green technologies and conservation of all kinds as well. In Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, the PGA National homes that surround the PGA National resort and spa have a variety of green technologies on a per owner basis. Some owners have solar heating for their pools and some are completely solar while others aren’t. The resort sets a standard that meets the requirements of the Florida Department of Environmental Protections Green Lodging Program.

PGA National Resort and Spa

Launched in 2004, the program is a voluntary initiative but PGA National is quick to point out that they are a designated partner. The partnership designation is valid for three years after which properties are required to submit updates showing what progress they’ve made in Green technologies to remain qualified as partners.

More about the Green Lodging Program: http://www.dep.state.fl.us/greenlodging/about.htm

There are a number of green Initiatives underway at senior living and Assisted Living San Antonio facilities. While many senior living communities have a lot more to worry about than reducing their carbon footprint, Franklin Park has forged ahead with green initiatives in its upscale communities and residences. Franklin Park is a family of senior and assisted living communities and facilities in San Antonio Texas. The organization has taken purposeful and planned steps toward implementation of green technologies throughout their infrastructure both in retrofitting and new construction.


Predictable implementations include native landscaping and group irrigation systems that are controlled by a master irrigation system of monitoring and replacement lighting with LED technology. More thorough implementation of green standards and technologies is now an integral part of facility upkeep, upgrades and a major component of new construction. Its senior apartments have all energy Star rated appliances and ceiling brands as well as SEER rated condenser units in the air-conditioning systems. Every facility is fitted with fluorescent lighting throughout both in living areas and breeze ways. All windows are of low E rated glass. Future windows will include vinyl window frames as well.


No carpet will be installed in any future construction and vinyl will be certified Floorscore®. In their Sutton Oaks apartments, solar panels will be installed on the clubhouse and used to offset grid costs to commons areas. Every facility uses low flow faucets, shower heads and low flow toilets. 


Green isn’t what comes to mind upon first look at these communities. They are without exception stylish and elegant and one would hardly notice just how much integration of new-tech energy conservation is really everywhere.

Franklin Development Sutton Oaks

Franklin Development apartments at Sutton Oaks.


Green housing challenges in Loudoun County and Northern Virginia real estate Northern Virginia Real Estate Loudoun County and Alexandria LEED Gold Green Building Council 2004 logo

Alexandria Virginia’s  government website states that the city has a major commitment to sustainable development. New green building projects that are cited as an compliance with LEED standards are cited, including the Charles Houston Recreation Center and the DASH Bus Operations and Maintenance facility. The city has a modest energy use reduction goal of 15% compared to baseline consumption of 2005 to be achieved by 2015.  According to their Green Building Policy,

Green buildings bring environmental and economic benefits to present and future generations of the citizens of this City and the region. Even in a developed city with significant historic character, “green” buildings are favored over buildings that are not green.

Source: http://alexandriava.gov/uploadedFiles/planning/info/GreenBuildingPolicyhandout.pdf

Environment-friendly buildings have readily been determined by the City as a significant element of its dedication to sustainable new developments. The City’s campaigns with its strategic approach, dedication to Green Building of City centers, and the adoption of the Eco-City Charter and Environmental Action Plan lay the foundations for the larger adoption of Green Building practice in the City. This commitment is readily accommodated as new building projects are a normal component in the ongoing cycle of urban development and city management.

While it is easy for urban areas to implement green development initiatives, it’s more of a challenge in suburban and rural areas, especially more traditional and historic areas of northern Virginia such as Loudoun County homes of Northern Virginia. These areas of the historic Commonwealth are characterized by large homes and older estates. The focus of these properties is more on preservation and restoration and opportunity for green building standards lies in the latter. Restoration of a home is a prime opportunity to integrate green technologies. The initial expense of integration may represent a substantial initial investment to a homeowner. Homeowners with the financial means to do so may still find it beneficial to invest in green technologies for long-term savings which makes financial sense.

Solar power – you can easily tout its long term savings. How can families on a tight budget afford solar power now?

Does this look solar powered? You can't really tell until you look outside.

Does this look solar powered? You can’t really tell until you look outside.

Green affordable solar power information by Real estate SEO.

Solar power necessarily entails acquisition of a lot of hardware and that hardware must be professionally installed. The costs rise up to $10,000, $20,000 or more. Once hardware is installed it must be maintained in good operating condition for a long time to realize for benefit.

What is being done for families who want solar power and recognize its benefits in the form of much lower electric bills? If there is a sense of urgency to reduce dependence on foreign oil and fossil fuels, and even if homeowners feel a sense of responsibility and wished to get in on solar, many cannot afford the large upfront investment.

This becomes an issue of scale. Some programs have met with success, but the burden is often placed on taxpayers and this may not be a long-term sustainable model, economically, to expand solar.


Additional Solar Power Information

Affordable Green Homes Everywhere

Green homes are everywhere and their growth is booming. Wouldn’t anyone want to cut their energy bills to the bone? Green homes are starting to overcome the common myths that they’re expensive to build, ineffective “where I live” and just plain ugly. Green homes are now becoming popular as they are able to conceal the technology that drives them until it is needed. From mountain homes in Grants Pass to Cabins for sale in Gatlinburg, TN, green homes are clearly able to compete across markets and demographics.

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